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Friday, July 9, 2010

"Dragon" to reopen in Tennessee, time to get your "slay" on

Officials announced yesterday that the rockslide cleanup is to be completed late this evening. TNDOT has done an excellent job cleaning up the mess and keeping pretty much everyone (those willing to know anyway) informed and in the know. Slayer Hater appreciates their hard work in some pretty crappy record temperatures getting the slide fixed three weeks ahead of schedule.

Slayer Hater has prepared a US129 Rock Slide of 2010 FAQ for this occasion:

Q: Is the road open?
A: Yes.

Q: When did they open it?
A: Irrelevant.

Q: Why was it closed?
A: Irrelevant.

Q: How long was it closed?
A: Irrelevant.

Q: Can I get through to "Marysville?"
A: Yes, please do.

Q: Can I get through to the "Bluefoot Skyline Way?"
A: WTF is that?

Q: Is the road open to "Robbinsonsville?"
A: The road is open to everywhere. Hit it.

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