Slayer Hater

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Frustration driving model citizens to criminal behavior

The holiday weekend saw record numbers at the "Dragon." With these numbers came unprecedented lines of "Slayers" clogging up the highway. It was this intense "Dragon Slaying" that drove two young UT students to attempt to "borrow" a motorcycle from the CROT. They were likely model citizens until they got behind a 30-bike flotilla which, let's face it, would drive anyone to a life of crime.

The alleged "bike borrowers" said they just wanted to ride the motorcycle because they were 2 days and 4 hours late for class at UT since arriving at Deals Gap and didn't think they would be able to make it to Knoxville in their car. They hoped being on a motorcycle, they might get preferential treatment or at least a wave-by. Little did they know "Dragon Slayers" don't discriminate. No one gets around.

The magistrate for Swain County released the pair of brothers stating, "I have often wished I was on a motorcycle in hopes that I could get around those idiots. I can empathize."


Dragonater said...

Do these little bastards have names?

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billy said...

Holy shit this is funny.