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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Scientists make important discovery at "the Dragon"

Until recently no one was able to gauge just how long it takes to slay the "Dragon" or just how much attention "Dragon Slayers" craved. It was known that it takes a really long time to "slay" the "Dragon" at Deals Gap and that "Slayers" were attention-starved to the point of donning silly looking pirate costumes and making their motorcycles as loud as possible.

Photographs obtained on Friday September 10, 2010 chronicle the answers to both questions in painful detail.

Anthropologist Dr. Vishnu Rampoop says, "This is a monumental discovery! Until now we only knew that it took what seemed like an eternity to get through the 11 miles of the "Dragon" behind a "Slayer." Now, we can see that it actually takes a lifetime and then some. Also, note the grown man on his motorcycle with the skeleton of his partner on his bike dressed as a pirate. We can see from this that a 'Slayer' will go to any length for attention, even to the point of making a complete fool of himself. There is no limit to what they will do and clearly they raise the bar daily."

Dr. Rampoop adds, "When this 'Slayer' entered the 'Dragon' at Tabcat bridge, his passenger was just a normally dressed middle-aged female 'Dragon Slayer.' We believe the attention the driver sought kept him from aging as badly as the passenger, but we're still studying this. His unfortunate passenger succumbed to aggravated frustration, severe annoyance and was possibly wobbled to death."

Burt Munro said, "You can live more in five minutes on a motorcycle than most people live in a lifetime, but this shite is ridiculous!" Apparently he'd followed some "Slayers" in his time.

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