Slayer Hater

Friday, July 8, 2011

Wing Ding-a-ling Bros Circus comes to town!

This weekend a whole clown car(bike) full of Slayers arrives with the Wing Ding-a-ling Brothers' Circus. Those in attendance will be thrilled with breathtaking acts of stupidity and superhuman feats of ignorance! A real spectacle awaits you at the Tail of the Dragon. You won't believe your eyes! Clowns, freaks, bearded women, strong(and not so) men, gimps, sword swallowers (more bearded women?), fire eaters and all sorts of other side-show freaks will be on display in the guise of motorcycle enthusiasts.

The Two-headed Halfwit On the Car-bike is but one act you will see on your side of the road during the Wing Ding-a-ling Bros circus this weekend! It really is the lamest show on earth!

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