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Friday, June 25, 2010

Harley to make new, lighter cruiser as "Dragon Slayer" model...

Let's face it. The best motorcycle in the world isn't light. It's not made to be...until now. Introducing the new 2011 Harley Ultra-lite Dragon Slayer Edition. Made with modern light weight materials, this new Harley will out perform its heavy cousins on the 318 curves at the Dragon. No more being passed up like yesterday's crab salad in front of killboy's camera! Look for it at your favorite Harley dealer in the fall of '10 along with the t-shirt of your choice!


Milwaukee releases spec sheet on new for 2011 Ultra-lite Dragon Slayer Edition®

Grade A Pine 2x4
A-frame design
Twin-spar swing arm
Harley-Davidson Advanced low center of gravity, high-clearance design technology (Hey, we're working on it, ok?)

Grade A Pine 2x4
Twin bed spring suspension with fully adjustable preload

Rear suspension:

Front: Front brakes are for sissies
Rear: Drum type made in Japan

Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Horsepower: 28 hp
Displacement: 810cc
Configuration: V-twin
Engine technology: OHV (even Briggs and Stratton knows push-rods are obsolete)
Bore x stroke: 3.3 x 2.89
Air filter: Advanced Debris Management System
Oil cap.: 64 oz.
Oil filter: Yes
Muffler: Optional

Final Drive:
530, 500 links Made in Japan

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Mike said...

Does it come with matching vest and chaps?