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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

1st Annual Slayer Hater trackday announced!!

We here at Slayer Hater are proud to announce our 1st Annual Slayer Hater Trackday!! Slayer Hater put a lot of thought into what location would best replicate the "Dragon Slayers'" desire for extremely tight corners and jeans-shitting excitement. We considered a traditional road course like CMP or Little Talledega, but these tracks just weren't technical enough for our seasoned "Dragon Slayers" and/or first-timers alike and let's face it, we really didn't need a place where the top speed would go over 32MPH. We had to find a place with narrow lanes and tight corners and then throw in some oncoming traffic and guardrails right next to the track surface and a scary name. We found the perfect place to have this event in Sevierville, TN. That place is the "Intimidator" found at NASCAR Speed Park. With its tight corners and mountain backdrop, "Dragon Slayers" will feel right at home when they open the throttle in the tiny straights and skid the rear tire into the next turn (or guardrail)!

Open only to cruiser motorcycles weighing more than 600 pounds, the Slayer Hater Trackday promises to be an intense test of stamina and skill. All five corner-workers will be given DSLR cameras and e-commerce sites instead of flags and all control riders will ride against the flow of "Dragon Slayers" except for one who will ride the same direction and lap "slayers" like they are standing still (which they pretty much are). This particular control rider will be on a bicycle.

Entry fees will be the cost of a t-shirt and a sticker (around $50) and all proceeds will go to 3rd grade educators to prevent kids from dropping out of school and therefore reduce the numbers of future "Dragon Slayers."

Register early!! All 318 spots will fill up fast (or slow)!!


nobody said...

Where do we sign up to be the Control Riders. That actually looks like a damn fun track running against the flow..

Woo Hoo I cant wait.

Dragonater said...

Don't let ETR git yer goat. F em if they cant take a joke.

nobody said...

About due another update isnt it ??