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Saturday, July 31, 2010


"The Dragon" is proud to host SPL Dyno tuning and dB Drag Racing!!! That's right, if you think your pipes aren't loud enough, they probably aren't!! Head on over to the "Dragon" and get those things sorted out.

It's hard to be fast on a piece-of-crap Harley, so why not be super annoying instead?! Our dyno tech will be doing dyno runs all day long and will help you get every ounce of noise available from your particular 1910s-technology engine. Then you're ready to enter the db Drag Races!

The dB Drag Races will take place on Wheelie Hill in front of the CROT. Contestants will go WOT up the hill shifting at the rev limiter in each gear. They will likely not exceed 30-35 MPH so judges will easily be able to calculate the SPL coming from each bike by the number of people with annoyed grimaces on their faces while trying to hold a conversation. Judges will also judge based on the intensity of the grimaces. The bike with the most annoying SPL wins! There's a winner just about every time a POS cruiser leaves the parking lot adorned with a do-rag-sporting tool factory.

So come on out to the dB Drag Races held everyday at Deals Gap!

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thetable said...

So I really want to compete, but since I only got one muffler, I don't think I could be near loud enough. I've been paying attentiong, and all them loud bikes, they got two mufflers. So I was thinkin' if'n I had four mufflers, that would make my bike twice as loud as them with only two. So what kind of Harley kin I get me that I can put four mufflers on?

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