Slayer Hater

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sportbikers learning how to deal with cruisers that cross the double yellow lines

Harleys unable to skillfully negotiate the 318 curves of the "Dragon" isn't a new issue, but sportbikers are learning how to cope. You've heard of counter-terrorism, welcome to the age of counter-slayers.

Sportbiker Alfred Upp has developed motorcycle jousting. Capitalizing on the medieval concept that seems to be so popular with cruiser riders, Alfred decided to show them that crossing center is potentially a capital offense. Alfred says, "I see at least 120 cruisers in my lane per pass on a Saturday. I'm all fed up!"

Photo caption: Alfred Upp is all fed up with cruiser riders that cannot maintain their lane and is seen here practicing with a fellow crotch rocketeer.

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