Slayer Hater

Thursday, July 1, 2010

CROT to host parking lot races...all day, everyday

The Crossroads of Time plan to host a Parking Lot Championship race. The event will be held everyday until the end of time (or at least 'til the end of morons). Participants will run through the parking lot as fast as possible in a sad attempt to appear fast to people who are on their feet. Parking lot racers will receive the love and adoration of equally IQ-deficient idiots who think riding fast in a crowded parking lot is cool. The Parking Lot Championship is open to all those who are unable to be fast elsewhere.

Enter the Parking Lot Championship and drive with your little head!


Tory said...

Is that you Ben?

steinberg129 said...

nope, its not me, contrary to popular belief. I write much better than this guy.

More importantly, I would NEVER make fun of a place I hold so dear to my heart. Who do you think started the 50 races ???

Slayer Hater said...

You may feel you write better than I, but you certainly lack reading comprehension skills if you think this post is about the 50 races.