Slayer Hater

Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Dragon Slayers" just wannabe One Percenters....we've found a way

As the wildly popular shirts say, there are "105 Paved Pull-Offs in 11 miles." Wait, what?

In the biker world, everyone respects and even fears the real one-percenters. Even the grandpa and grandma on the $25,000 full dresser I mean Harley wish they'd been somewhere other than studying for their accounting exams back when the Hells Angels and Outlaws were in the middle of their turf wars. Cocaine is a helluva drug.

Now there's a way to become as bad ass and respected as the dirty outlaw bikers of the past when you come to "slay" that "Dragon" at Deals Gap:

Slay that pull off!

There are 105 of them in 11 miles! Slay just one pull off and you instantly become a 1[.05] percenter (just ignore the five hundredths, folks. Harley did when they designed your transmission). It'll make you the bane of all law-abiding, teeter-tottering, wildly-wobbling RUBs. By slaying that pull-off, you actually appear to know what you're doing. This exposes the weekend warrior Harley owners for the idiots they are. When you see faster traffic in your mirrors, once you finish panicking, just point that 900 pound behemoth into the nearest paved pull-off, allow them to pass and enjoy just how mean and scary you have just become.

Everyone fears the 1[.05] percenters.

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