Slayer Hater

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Deals Gap: 318 skidmarks in 11 miles

With the coming of spring and the hatching of Slayers everywhere, we're seeing more and more Slayer Tracks. Once clean and unmarked pavement is now covered in locked rear wheel skids and tell-tale signs of 4-wheeled spin outs. Much like slugs, Slayers leave trails (heck, Slayers are a lot like slugs in many ways; unwanted, slimy, slow, etc).

Criss-cross Slayer tracks at Gravity Cavity:

We're sure this Slayer was "keeping it in his lane" up until this point. /scoff

Target-fixated Slayer track:

Pretty obvious where this Slayer was looking when he locked her down.

Lane-cross will make ya JUMP JUMP!

And the winner is....:

This bike had to be front wheel drive.

1 comment:

thetable said...

Ah, the things you have time to take pictures of when you're stuck behind a Slayer.