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Thursday, October 6, 2011

TDOT fires HOG and hires Jerry's Kids for ditch cleaning

Tennessee, in a bold display of compassion and bravery, terminated their ditch cleaning contract with the Harley Owners Group. TDOT commissioner John Schroer said, "The HOGs just weren't getting the job done. We wanted more from our ditch cleaners. That's why we signed Jerry's Kids. Sure, they're retarded, but hey....the ditches are clean and a clean ditch for a Harley to ride in is what the Tail of the Dragon is all about."

Spokesperson for the HOG, Richard Dumass, expressed disappointment in the decision stating, "Hey, we cleaned those ditches all the time. The only thing we didn't do that Jerry's Kids are doing is bring the ditch out of the ditch and put it in the road. We wish we thought of that! It takes a very special person to think of such brilliant things. If we'd have thought of putting the ditch in the road, it would have kept the Slayers out of the ditch. Ditch in road means Harley in road. Dammit that's genius, man!!!" Dumass added, "We won't stop cleaning the ditches, though. We can't stop cleaning the ditches. It's what we do."

Below: One of the Jerry's Kids stops a Carley Davidson at the entrance of a blind right-hand turn. The Jerrys Kids take up all warning signs at the end of the business day leaving only their negligence behind:

Below: "Mud Turn" now "Mud Rock Sand Gravel Dust Turn":


Deals Gap Racer said...

genious... absolute genious

Goin Places said...

lmao, its just what we do.....