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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pulling The King's Strings

Road and Track magazine dished all the dirt anyone could have ever wanted this week in an article meant for everyone's eyes only. The State of Tennessee dubbed the article State's Exhibit A. Record times, track schedules and even a few photos of "The King" were put out on Front Street. 

The grandiose journalist and the very non-cagey former forklift operator did some "runs" with "The King" and wrote about it in their diaries. Problem is, their diaries can be viewed by the entire world. Nothing but another day at work for a journalist. Nothing but another audition for a wannabe movie star. Nothing but a pain in the ass for anyone that isn't a grandiose journalist or non-cagey former forklift operator.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Discovery Channel to air new reality show: Dragon Boo Boo

Discovery Channel announced this week they were casting for a new reality television program. The casting call took place in Knoxville, TN and called for "hard, fast riders." A facebook post(link) about the event received plenty of attention and comments would suggest there were "hard/fast riders" lining up in droves for the new exploitation program. Their need for attention far outweighed their fear of repercussions from the law.

Dragon Boo Boo had this to say about the try-outs, "Ain't nothin' wrong with bein' a little gay. Everybody's a little gay."

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hit-and-run trucker; no harm, no foul

The truck pictured here was involved in a hit-and-run on the North Carolina side of the "Tail of the Dragon" on Friday, September 27, 2013. He apparently hit a pick-up truck and kept on truckin' as the song goes. Guess since he didn't run over and kill another father of two young girls or a couple of septuagenarians on a three-wheeled Carley-Davidson, no one cares. The North Carolina state trooper pictured here expressed surprise at the idea a trucker would ignore truck restriction signs and drive over the hood of a pick-up. We're not at all surprised.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

While we're on the subject...

Speaking of unenforced ordinances, Mike. In case you are unaware, the state is installing larger truck restriction signs for truckers to ignore. We won't hold our breath for any new policies of enforcement in your county or Swain though.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Hi, Mike!

We would like to acknowledge fanboi Mike Edwards. Recently it came to our attention that Mike reads Mike, while we have your attention, we'd like to run a couple of things by you.

First and foremost, thank you for reading our blog and mentioning us to your constituency! The residents of Graham County are surely just as fed up with slayers as we are and hopefully they can at least get a little laugh at the expense of the droves of slayers that clog your county's roads; the ones that don't have a dollar tied to the "Dragon" anyway.

In Item #16 of the May 7th, 2012 meeting minutes, you mention the truck restrictions on US129 as though they were a surprise to you. Heck, I bet you were just as surprised as Bobby Coleman! You know him, right? The truck driver that traversed your county in an over-length truck to enter Tennessee and run over a super-surprised Dwight "Ike" Woodard! Know why they were surprised? Because there were no signs stating that North Carolina had banned trucks over 30' from US129 from the Graham/Swain county line to the state line back in 2010. Sure Bobby Coleman would have probably continued on past the restriction signs as so many do (you know since there is zero enforcement of this statute in your county), but he would have been culpable to manslaughter when he killed a father of two young girls.Keep that in mind when you spend the upcoming holidays with your adult children who lived to see adulthood with their father still alive.

Blaming motorcycles for crashes involving trucks on a road that makes it impossible for them to maintain their lane is asinine. If a drunk driver crossed the center line and killed your daughter, would you blame her based on the type of car she was driving? Profiling a rider based on his motorcycle is chickenshit and blaming a dead man who was run over by a vehicle that wasn't in its lane is pretty poor form.

Division 14 of the NCDOT acted in the public's interest without regard to economic/political motivation. You should try it.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Truck loads of stupidity arrive for the holiday weekend; no longer limited to slayers' saddle (douche)baggery.

Because small amounts of stupidity just aren't enough for a holiday that traditionally marks the end of the season, H.O.G. organizers ordered this years stupidity by the truck load.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Team Summer's Eve spotted slaying the "Dragon"

With an all new season of stupidity upon us, Team Summers Eve paid a visit. Based in Georgia, this douche set the bar very high very early on. If you know this rocket doctor, punch him in the throat for us as a token of our appreciation.

Friday, October 19, 2012

TDOT resumes ditch cleaning on the Dragon

Some may remember last year when the TDOT used Jerry's Kids, Inc. to place the ditches in the road much to the Harley Owners Group's dismay. In a surprising twist, the TDOT has flip-flopped on that decision and awarded the contract back to the H.O.G.

We applaud this decision as the H.O.G. uses a much less invasive and environmentally friendly ditch cleaning technique as evidenced in this video.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall is in the air!

And so is this crash racketeer. Just look at those beautiful fall colors!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

We stand corrected...

It has been brought to our attention that we have used the wrong terminology when describing the lawless, reckless, dangerous and out-of-control motorcycles that have been terrorizing the "Dragon."

Previously we referred to them as "crotch rockets." It was brought to our attention by the Creative Director of the television show Sons of Anarchy that the correct term is "crash racket." Expect to correct article titles with the mistake and to our loyal readers we apologize for any confusion we may have caused.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tennessee finally tackles the crash racket problem on the "Dragon"

The Maryville Daily Times newspaper reported during the midst of an awareness campaign on the part of east Tennessee law enforcement agencies, a Canadian man crashed his 2009 Harley-Davidson crash racket into the side of the mountain at the 4MM. According to accounts, there were 5 Blount County motor cops on the 11 mile section of US129 at the time of the crash ensuring the rider's safety.

Clark F. Oakley, 45, must have felt extra safe when his Harley crash racket struck the embankment with all of the protection provided by the Blount County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday evening. Clearly the officers were preventing accidents since only four happened in the late afternoon hours. We would like to commend them on the bang up job. We're not so sure about the effectiveness of the "awareness campaign," however.

Blount County Sheriff, James Berrong, in a statement issued after Wednesday's conference said, "This is a great, proactive enforcement effort, and we are happy to participate in this multi-jurisdictional initiative. Our No. 1 traffic priority is to save lives. Our presence on the Dragon has proven to slow down drivers, and ensures everyone arrives home safely." Well, everyone except Clark Oakley.

The other thing that is proving to slow down drivers is the side of the mountain at the 4MM. It has an almost 100% success rate and doesn't require taxpayer dollars to operate. Maybe Blount County could hire more mountainsides to "slow drivers down."

Four Wrecks occur on 'Dragon"
Accidents reported amidst police awareness campaign
From Staff Reports

Four accidents occurred on "the Dragon" Wednesday night even as authorities held a press conference to raise awareness of the dangers of poor driving.

Blount County Sheriff's officers responded to one of the accidents at mile marker 4 on "the Dragon" section of Calderwood Highway.

Clark F. Oakley, 45, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, was traveling north when he came around a curve and lost control of his motorcycle and struck a bank, said Blount County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Marian O'Briant. He was taken by Rural/Metro Ambulance Service to a landing zone in Tallassee.

Oakley was flown by LifeStar to the University of Tennessee Medical Center, she said. The 45-year-old, who was driving a 2009 Harley-Davidson, was wearing a helmet.

Accident reports for the other accidents weren't available from other agencies as of Wednesday's press time.

Earlier Wednesday, The Blount County Sheriff's Office, Tennessee Highway Patrol, Governor's Highway Safety Office, Knoxville Police Department, Knox County Sheriff's Office, Alcoa Police Department, Maryville Police Department and the University of Tennessee Police Department collaborated in the press conference.

Officials said a review of the 2012 traffic fatality chart showed there is a significant number of fatalities across the state between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Friday and Saturday showed a steady increase in fatalities, which could be related to the increase in traffic for those commuting from work with the thoughts of the day's events and preparation for evening activities taking precedence, causing motorists to lose focus on driving.

Officials added that 54% of those killed in vehicle crashes are not wearing a seat belt.
Following the press conference, five Blount County Sheriff's deputies officers went to Calderwood Highway to saturate the area for the afternoon and evening.

"This is a great, proactive enforcement effort, and we are happy to participate in this multi-jurisdictional initiative," Blount County Sheriff James Berrong said in a statement. "Our No. 1 traffic priority is to save lives. Our presence on the Dragon has proven to do(sic) slow down drivers, and ensures everyone arrives home safely."

Friday, September 7, 2012

Local Lore and Legend

The real turn map.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Slow those crash rackets down...

and you won't get rear-ended when you meet a truck entirely in your lane!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

More speed demons out of control on the Dragon!

It's getting so you can't even ride at the Dragon because of all the Ricky Racer crash racketeers! Something must be done! These three riders were clearly speeding and behaving as though this public highway was their personal racetrack! They completely lost control of their Harley crash rackets and plowed into each other. It's this kind of disregard for other road users that make the rest of us look bad. has prepared this handy flashcard for law enforcement officers. It provides a visual guide for identification of law breakers. This will allow LEOs to effectively put a stop to the wanton acts of these Ricky Racers without necessitating the use of profiling of innocent riders. This card is meant to serve as a general guideline only. There are many types of crash rackets out there and there is no way to fit them all onto a card.

Editor's note: please replace the term "crotch rocket" in this image with "crash racket."

Friday, June 29, 2012

These damn crash rackets are out of control!

We all know how dangerous those crash rackets are. They're the only ones that crash, you know.

This Ricky Racer is dirt tracking his 800 pound crash racket in the opposing lane with no regard for the safety of other road users. Someone needs to tell this crash racket pilot that Deals Gap isn't his personal racetrack.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A message to the drivers of the shitbird cars:

We know you're a pro-level drift car driver. We know nothing could ever go wrong. We know you know what you're doing. Just stop it before you kill someone.

Mullholland Drive -- Tail of the Dragon West

Monday, May 21, 2012

It's OK, Tennessee. He's sober.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Psst, trucker. Go around.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Tennessee makes speeding a capital offense; decriminalizes drunk driving

In a somewhat controversial move Wednesday, the Tennessee legislature enacted H.R. 129 making driving above the speed limit a capital offense. The bill also decriminalizes a large range of crimes such as drunk driving, distracted driving, death by vehicle, and manslaughter as well as abolishing all hours of service rules for drivers of commercial vehicles. Tennessee also plans to remove the center dividers on all of its highways as it says they are "impacting commerce."

Senator Doug Overby, in a statement released to WATE news said, "Lane markings are much less important than speed limits. If people would just slow down, they could avoid that drunk driver in their lane and they wouldn't die. It's all about commerce. Liquor makers need their cash, too and drunk driving laws are too restrictive on heavy consumption of those manufacturers' products." While drunk driving remains a heavy crime in NC, Senator Overby thinks they will come around to Tennessee's way of thinking, "That's what the real problem is: speed. If everyone just slowed down and paid close attention, that texting teen that has crossed the center line wouldn't be so deadly. We could all get hammered and drive into opposing traffic!"

Exceeding the speed limit will come with heavy penalties including capital punishment carried out by tractor-trailers in the wrong lane. "If you don't speed, you won't have to worry about getting run over by a tractor-trailer in your lane. Commerce is far more important than general public safety. I mean, we can all agree on that, right?" Senator Overby said.

Truck drivers have historically been bound to rules about the hours they are allowed to drive without breaks. H.R. 129 will also abolish those rules as they, in the senate's opinion, are too restrictive of commerce. Overby said, "Traditionally, truckers are sleep deprived anyway so why try to keep them rested? With this new bill, speeders will be responsible for avoiding the careening big rig coming at them and if you are going slow enough, that shouldn't be a problem."

"We're in a tough economy, some people need to be maimed or killed for commerce to pick up."

Monday, March 26, 2012

Star of the week

This rocket doctor racecar driver sure knows how to pick a line. What we can see in this photo is supreme ignorance and a SCCA sticker. What we can't see is the fact that this corner is blind when traveling southbound and she's rounding this corner into a fast, blind straight for northbounders. Good thing she's driving a Dodge.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A message from the Cleveland IMS

With the end of the riding season upon us, this enlightened lad shares with all of the Cleveland IMS an important message: Slay those pull offs, slayer. They're not just for cars anymore.

Directly from the Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles Driver Handbook (Page 46):

Slow-Moving Vehicles
It is against the law to drive slower than the posted minimum
speed under normal driving conditions. You may drive more
slowly than the minimum speed if you are driving in bad
weather, heavy traffic or on a bad road. If there is no posted
minimum speed, it is still against the law to drive so slowly
that you block traffic.
NOTE: You are considered to be driving a slow-moving
vehicle if you are traveling at a rate of speed that is 10 miles
per hour or more below the lawful maximum speed. If five or
more vehicles are lined up behind you, turn or pull off the
roadway as soon as you can do so safely. Slow drivers, who
block other traffic, cause many accidents.

Remember, slower is not always safer.

Slay that pull off, r-tard! ©

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Get the truck outta here

Slayer Hater exclusive:

A fan forwarded these emails to Slayer Hater asking us to post without contact information. It would appear that North Carolina is ahead of the curve in banning trucks on Deals Gap. Soon signs will be posted on the NC side telling of existing truck restrictions. NCDOT also plans to ask Tennessee to enact similar ordinances or in the very least post signage warning of NC's restrictions. This may be the beginning of some real progress on the truck problem:

From: Mark H
Sent: Friday, August 12, 2011 9:40 AM
To: Deitz, Sandy K
Subject: Signage reflecting recent truck restrictions on US129 and NC28


Who would I contact regarding signage along NC28 and US129 reflecting the current restrictions to through trucks with trailers over 30'? As you may know, a motorcyclist was killed by a north bound truck pulling a 48' spread axle flatbed trailer on US129 at the 5MM in Tennessee on August 3rd, 2011. Being that the truck was northbound, it violated NC law to get to the accident scene in Tennessee. Lack of signage may have contributed to this tragedy.

Any information on a contact about this matter would be appreciated. I am just a motorcyclist seeking to help stop trucks from wandering into that area as they are unable to safely negotiate that region and increased motorcycle traffic means a dangerous traffic mix. Laws that are already in place could reduce their numbers and prevent some future tragedies. My friend was run over by a truck that shouldn't even have been there.

Thanks very much for any help you can offer,

Mark H.


From: Deitz, Sandy K
Sent: Friday, August 12, 2011 11:19 AM
To: Mark H
Cc: Moore, Reuben E; Cook, Scott E
Subject: RE: Signage reflecting recent truck restrictions on US129 and NC28

Mark I am coping this request to Rueben Moore, Division Operation Manager and Scott Cook, Traffic Services Engineer. Both of these engineers can be reached at xxx-xxx-xxxxI think they
Will be able to answer your questions.
Sandy Deitz


From: Moore, Reuben
To:Mark H

Subject: RE: Signage reflecting recent truck restrictions on US129 and NC28
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2011 16:48:43 +0000

We will review the current signing and trucks restrictions and report back to you.

Reuben E. Moore, PE
Division Operations Engineer
NCDOT - Div. 14 - Sylva
(_)/ (_)



From: Mark H
Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2011 7:03 AM
To: Moore, Reuben E
Subject: RE: Signage reflecting recent truck restrictions on US129 and NC28

Thanks very much, Reuben.

Mark H


-----Original Message-----
From: Moore Reuben
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2011 13:37:49
To: Mark H
Subject: RE: Signage reflecting recent truck restrictions on US129 and NC28

The present signing only gives "warnings" to truckers of winding road conditions, but there are ordinances in place that apply to "thru" trucks only. DOT is not obligated to post signs of these restrictions, but truckers are responsible for knowing about them by accessing an online database. The current restriction would not apply to "local" truck trips, which is defined as a trip origin or destination within the restricted section of highway.

The traffic engineers that report to the State Traffic Engineer, in consultation with Division 14 engineers, have decided to recommend changing this ordinance to "No Trailers over 30 feet", and that this ordinance will have signs posted. Further, it will apply to all vehicles, regardless of whether the trip is local or through.

It is likely to take two to three months for the ordinance to be approved and for safety money to be appropriated for the fabrication and placement of the required signs.

If you would provide me with a postal mailing address, we can keep you further advised with an official response.

Thank you for sharing your highway safety concerns with us.

Reuben E. Moore, PE
Division Operations Engineer
NCDOT - Div. 14 - Sylva
(_)/ (_)


-----Original Message-----
From: Mark H
Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 3:14 PM
To: Moore, Reuben E
Subject: Re: Signage reflecting recent truck restrictions on US129 and NC28


Thank you for the reply and for the assistance.

If NC DOT isn't responsible for signs reflecting the current truck restrictions, who may I contact about their placement? There are signs reflecting similar restrictions to thru trucks on NC209 in Hot Springs which is Madison County. I understand there is no obligation to place signs warning truckers of restrictions, but it seems to me that such signs telling of restricted routes would be much more beneficial to the motoring public than the signs that are currently in place gently warning truckers of the mess they are getting into.

You are the experts, but changing the ordinance seems unnecessary as opposed to just indicating and enforcing the one already in place. Also, the existing thru truck restrictions include US129 from Topton, NC to the Swain County line. Are you proposing changing that ordinance to "nothing over 30' " as well? If so, Robinsville would be cut off from delivery which is not the objective.

The list of truck restrictions I am looking at may me wrong or you may have more up to date info so correct me if I'm wrong.

Again, thanks very much for taking this on. I do appreciate it.

Mark H


From:Moore, Reuben
To: Mark H.
Subject: RE: Signage reflecting recent truck restrictions on US129 and NC28
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2011 13:29:17 +0000

Division 14 staff are in discussion with the State Traffic Engineering office to both review some of the ordinances that are in effect and to determine what, if any, should be the level of signing to place for truck restricted routes. The thinking has been that truckers are professionals who know they have a responsibility to know the rules under which they operate, and that signing that only applies to a minority of traffic should not be needed. This practice has been questioned on several truck restricted routes, and current discussion revolves around what conditions would justify the expense and need for signing for none, some, or all truck restricted routes.

I am not sure where you are talking about "US 129 from Topton, NC to the Swain County line." The only restriction I see on US 129 is in Swain County from the Cheoah Dam to the Tennessee State Line. Robbinsville can receive truck deliveries on US 129 via Topton and on NC 143/NC 28 via Stecoah/Almond.

Reuben E. Moore, PE
Division Operations Engineer
NCDOT - Div. 14 - Sylva
(_)/ (_)

From: Mark H
Sent: Tuesday, September 06, 2011 12:09 PM
To: Moore, Reuben E
Cc: Cook, Scott E; Galloway, David D; Lacy, Kevin; Setzer, Joel B
Subject: RE: Signage reflecting recent truck restrictions on US129 and NC28


Thank you for your continuing attention to this matter. The family of the fallen rider and I do appreciate the effort.

I ride in western Swain and Graham counties almost weekly through the summer months. NC28 and US129 are roads I am quite familiar with. I was also an over the road truck driver for nine years. I stopped driving commercial vehicles in 2000. Since then, there have been many changes in the trucking industry. The most relevant change in the industry is the fact that companies are hiring many non-English speaking drivers. For the majority of truck drivers I have helped across US129, English is not their first language. Most of the others were led there by their GPS or the road looks to be passable in a trucker's atlas. I put my four-way flashers on and drive in front of the trucks to try and keep anyone from getting under one. I wasn't there early enough on the day of Ike's incident and I can't be there everyday.

Local drivers that know the region or seasoned mountain drivers aren't the issue. It's lost or mislead truckers who are likely inexperienced that pose a serious threat to the motoring public in general. Motorcyclists aren't the only affected road users in the area versus commercial vehicles. The presence of trucks is dangerous for everyone, including the trucker. I have attached a few photos of trucks on the worst part of US129. I have tons more and there are certainly many more past what I have.

One anecdote I feel illustrates this issue:
I was at the Deals Gap store the afternoon after Dwight "Ike" Woodard was killed and saw a THP stop a conventional tractor and 48' box van. This was on the NC side, mind you. Trooper Larry Skeen read the driver the riot act as he was the officer on the scene of Ike's accident. Trooper Skeen asked the driver why he came that way and if he'd seen the warning signs. In broken English, the trucker said, "Sign no say 'no.'" Trooper Skeen replied, "Well, you got me there." No one ended up under that particular truck.

The restriction on US129 from US74 to the Swain county line in Graham county prohibiting through trailers longer than 30' is outlined on page 5 of the NCDOT's list of statewide truck restrictions. It reads:
US129 | Graham County | No through truck tractors with trailers longer than 30 feet between US74(Topton, NC) and the Swain County line.

In addition:
US129 | Swain County | No through truck tractors with trailers longer than 30 feet, and no truck tractors with trailers longer than 48 feet, north of the Cheoah Dam between the Graham County line and the Tennessee state line.

The existing restrictions allow for deliveries locally, but if they were to be modified to include an all out truck ban, Robbinsville would have been affected as stated in your earlier email. I may have misunderstood you. If so, I apologize.

I don't really know how much signs cost, but I am certain I could raise the funds for any signs that are approved to go up. That is not an empty promise. That is a guarantee. If the state and/or Division 14 approved the signs, they'd be paid for. Just let me know. I could set up a memorial fund in "Ike's" name and that money would be there overnight. No BS, no question. Just give me a dollar amount.

Mark H


From: Moore, Reuben
To: Mark H
Subject: RE: Signage reflecting recent truck restrictions on US129 and NC28
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2011 12:50:04 +0000

Thank you for the pictures and other additional information. Your perspective, interests, and background give us a better understanding of the situation.

We are continuing to develop a project to place signs advising of the truck restrictions in Graham and Swain Counties on US 129. The sign copy will include the word “NO”, and will include the color red which indicates a prohibition, as well as black wording on white background to indicate that the message is a restriction, not just a warning.

I believe you have correctly quoted the existing truck restrictions, and I think I can explain them to you. “No through trucks” means that “local” trucks are not bound by the restriction. It means that a truck of the restricted description, in this case a tractor pulling a trailer over 30 feet can be on the restricted route, if its origin or destination is along the restricted route. However, “No trucks” means that even local trucks are not allowed on this route, in this case if they are pulling a trailer that is longer than 48 feet. This restriction was intended to make it illegal to drive STAA-dimensioned trucks (53’ trailers) north of the Cheoah Dam on US 129. None of this makes it illegal to drive a STAA truck from Topton to or through Robbinsville all the way to the Cheoah Dam; however, if it passed the Dam it would be illegal. It is not our intention to make this illegal, but we are considering making it illegal for trucks pulling trailers longer than 30 feet to travel beyond the Cheoah Dam on in to Tennessee.

Again, thank you for your information, and we will continue to keep you advised of our progress in having truck restriction signs placed.

Reuben E. Moore, PE
Division Operations Engineer
NCDOT - Div. 14 - Sylva
(_)/ (_)

From: Mark H
Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2011 12:30 PM
To: Moore, Reuben E
Subject: RE: Signage reflecting recent truck restrictions on US129 and NC28


I know you said you would update me regarding the sign project and its progress, but I just wanted to touch base with you and ask if there might be any progress you can share. We are still seeing many trucks in that area and I had occasion to speak with one of the drivers before he made his way across. He was completely unaware it was a restricted route and said he'd followed his GPS designed for use in a passenger car. He spoke with a heavy accent, but his English wasn't terrible. I videoed our conversation. A local motorcyclist offered to take him through and I helped him slide his axles all the way forward.

The driver does curse his GPS in the video so it may not be "safe for work," but it does illustrate a point. He ended up pressing on into Tennessee with the helpful motorcyclist in front of him. Without an escort, who knows what would happen.

Thanks again for your help in the matter.

Mark H


Some progress. We have a funded project to post regulatory signs, and the ordinance has been changed to restrict any trucks pulling trailers 30 feet or longer from being on US 129 between the Cheoah Dam and the Tennessee State Line.

We still need to design the signs, determine where signs need to be placed, and place the signs. We also need to coordinate with TennDOT to let them know what we are doing and ask if they would reciprocate or at least post signs advising of our restriction. I have been advised that the ordinance has been changed on the website and is therefore already in effect.

Thank you for the video. I’m guessing Russian or Armenian.

Reuben E. Moore, PE
Division Operations Engineer
NCDOT - Div. 14 - Sylva
(_)/ (_)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cotton futures plummet as t-shirt makers eye new "natural fiber"

The Tail of the Dragon is cool....even when you're wearing wool! Slay on!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

TDOT fires HOG and hires Jerry's Kids for ditch cleaning

Tennessee, in a bold display of compassion and bravery, terminated their ditch cleaning contract with the Harley Owners Group. TDOT commissioner John Schroer said, "The HOGs just weren't getting the job done. We wanted more from our ditch cleaners. That's why we signed Jerry's Kids. Sure, they're retarded, but hey....the ditches are clean and a clean ditch for a Harley to ride in is what the Tail of the Dragon is all about."

Spokesperson for the HOG, Richard Dumass, expressed disappointment in the decision stating, "Hey, we cleaned those ditches all the time. The only thing we didn't do that Jerry's Kids are doing is bring the ditch out of the ditch and put it in the road. We wish we thought of that! It takes a very special person to think of such brilliant things. If we'd have thought of putting the ditch in the road, it would have kept the Slayers out of the ditch. Ditch in road means Harley in road. Dammit that's genius, man!!!" Dumass added, "We won't stop cleaning the ditches, though. We can't stop cleaning the ditches. It's what we do."

Below: One of the Jerry's Kids stops a Carley Davidson at the entrance of a blind right-hand turn. The Jerrys Kids take up all warning signs at the end of the business day leaving only their negligence behind:

Below: "Mud Turn" now "Mud Rock Sand Gravel Dust Turn":

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tourer watch: 9-11-11

This hates America in front of God and country by buying a piece of American freedom, placing a symbol of American freedom on it and then dumping it on the filthy ground of the Tail of the Dragon.

Let freedom your ears....long after the straight pipes are no longer audible.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stolen BMW spotted slaying the Dargon

This Slayer must've infiltrated the local coffee shop and learned the handshake just long enough to steal this Beemer and its owner's helmet.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sometimes you just gotta slay 'er down to avoid crashin'.

According to eye-witless accounts, a crawtchity rawket cut this slayer off and he had to slay'er down to avoid crashing. In typical slayer fashion, he checks for his missing skin before checking on his bitch that is still laying in the road. Lucky for him, she was wearing her back brace. She needed it for picking up that gigantic piece of shit out of the ditch...oh, and the bike was heavy, too.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another satisfied customer!

This hard ass is looking good in traffic with his Backwards Helmet! Get yours today!