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Saturday, March 24, 2012

A message from the Cleveland IMS

With the end of the riding season upon us, this enlightened lad shares with all of the Cleveland IMS an important message: Slay those pull offs, slayer. They're not just for cars anymore.

Directly from the Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles Driver Handbook (Page 46):

Slow-Moving Vehicles
It is against the law to drive slower than the posted minimum
speed under normal driving conditions. You may drive more
slowly than the minimum speed if you are driving in bad
weather, heavy traffic or on a bad road. If there is no posted
minimum speed, it is still against the law to drive so slowly
that you block traffic.
NOTE: You are considered to be driving a slow-moving
vehicle if you are traveling at a rate of speed that is 10 miles
per hour or more below the lawful maximum speed. If five or
more vehicles are lined up behind you, turn or pull off the
roadway as soon as you can do so safely. Slow drivers, who
block other traffic, cause many accidents.

Remember, slower is not always safer.

Slay that pull off, r-tard! ©

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