Slayer Hater

Friday, October 19, 2012

TDOT resumes ditch cleaning on the Dragon

Some may remember last year when the TDOT used Jerry's Kids, Inc. to place the ditches in the road much to the Harley Owners Group's dismay. In a surprising twist, the TDOT has flip-flopped on that decision and awarded the contract back to the H.O.G.

We applaud this decision as the H.O.G. uses a much less invasive and environmentally friendly ditch cleaning technique as evidenced in this video.


badfaerie said...

So glad they were sure to wave at the photog first. That must have been why the rest of them missed the ditch, the photog distracted them.

Dragonater said...

Looks like that sportbiker's camera caused that crash, since it was visible in the slayerhater's mirror.