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Monday, August 19, 2013

Hi, Mike!

We would like to acknowledge fanboi Mike Edwards. Recently it came to our attention that Mike reads Mike, while we have your attention, we'd like to run a couple of things by you.

First and foremost, thank you for reading our blog and mentioning us to your constituency! The residents of Graham County are surely just as fed up with slayers as we are and hopefully they can at least get a little laugh at the expense of the droves of slayers that clog your county's roads; the ones that don't have a dollar tied to the "Dragon" anyway.

In Item #16 of the May 7th, 2012 meeting minutes, you mention the truck restrictions on US129 as though they were a surprise to you. Heck, I bet you were just as surprised as Bobby Coleman! You know him, right? The truck driver that traversed your county in an over-length truck to enter Tennessee and run over a super-surprised Dwight "Ike" Woodard! Know why they were surprised? Because there were no signs stating that North Carolina had banned trucks over 30' from US129 from the Graham/Swain county line to the state line back in 2010. Sure Bobby Coleman would have probably continued on past the restriction signs as so many do (you know since there is zero enforcement of this statute in your county), but he would have been culpable to manslaughter when he killed a father of two young girls.Keep that in mind when you spend the upcoming holidays with your adult children who lived to see adulthood with their father still alive.

Blaming motorcycles for crashes involving trucks on a road that makes it impossible for them to maintain their lane is asinine. If a drunk driver crossed the center line and killed your daughter, would you blame her based on the type of car she was driving? Profiling a rider based on his motorcycle is chickenshit and blaming a dead man who was run over by a vehicle that wasn't in its lane is pretty poor form.

Division 14 of the NCDOT acted in the public's interest without regard to economic/political motivation. You should try it.

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