Slayer Hater

Monday, August 2, 2010

Tennessee and North Carolina to enact "No Business" statute

Legislators in North Carolina and Tennessee are taking a step in the right direction against the rising numbers of "Slayers" at Deals Gap. After the results of the NHTSA's study were released last month, lawmakers rushed to action to enact a bill that is now called the Ain't Got No Business Act of 2010.

Under the new law, people that "ain't got no business" being on "The Dragon" can be fined or imprisoned. It's fairly easy to pick offenders of this new law out at Deals Gap and you don't have to have a doctorate in business to know when someone "ain't got no business" being on "The Dragon."

Law enforcement in the area says it's grateful to have such an easy-to-enforce law in their arsenal. One Tennessee Highway Patrolman was heard saying, "That Slayer ain't got no business being here and I can finally do something about it!!"


nobody said...

Now this is only teasing those of us that Have the ability to put on a good show for the Onlookers. I only wish they would enact a law as such.

billy said...

I know right? I stood on a pull off yesterday and was amazed how many "slayers" are up there. All look almost identical and very boring to watch. After I went a drug a knee or two. ;)