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Monday, October 4, 2010

As leaf season approaches, officials in NC take a different approach

With the shorter days and cooler temperatures of fall arriving, the North Carolina Department of Transportation's Safety and Emerging Issues Committee (SEI) has begun an information campaign aimed at would-be "Dragon Slayers" on NC28 that never make it to US129. New signage designed to speak to "Slayers" is being implemented en masse along the 20 mile stretch of NC28 from the NC143/NC28 junction to the US129/NC28 junction a stretch dubbed the "Hellbender" by some t-shirt peddlers and the "Moonshiner" by others.

"The new signage is designed to reach even the densest segment of the public," Roberto Conales, Coordinator of Strategic Initiatives said. "Through studies of problem areas, people seem to misunderstand the gravity of gravity and the reality of reality. We hope the new signage will help," Canales continued. "If we can safely deliver the 'Dragon Slayers' to Tennessee, they won't be messing up our federal funding here in North Carolina. They become Tennessee's problem."

The signage was paid for with High Hazard Elimination Funds from the Federal Highway Administration.

Slayer Hater just wonders if they have done enough.


krayman said...

That sign should become a standard around here.

Dragonater said...

Im confused...