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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Slayer Hater proudly welcomes our first real sponsor

We here at Slayer Hater HQ are proud to announce our first sponsor: Helmet Tap.

Helmet Tap can save you lots of money on your car insurance! Not only can Helmet Tap save you lots of money on your car insurance, Helmet Tap wards off lawyer fees and court costs! Yes, Helmet Tap is a great gift for your fellow "brothers" and everyone can use one! What's that you say? "If you aren't breaking the law, you don't need Helmet Tap?" Let's hear you say that when Arnold's new legislation sweeps the rest of the "land of the free." Oh wait, we won't be able to hear you say it over your life saving pipes.

Use Helmet Tap liberally when you meet another motorcycle soon after you've seen a member of the law enforcement community, but don't use Helmet Tap too far away from the affected area. Use Helmet Tap with confidence that it is the highest quality warning device available to motorcyclists today. By far the most effective early warning device available, Helmet Tap will make you the envy of the non-motorcycling public.

Try Helmet Tap today! No really. Try it.

1 comment:

Dragonater said...

I wish my brothers had used HelmetTap TM to warn of that trooper standing in the middle of 129, pointing his smelly finger at me.

But then 1 hand on the apehangers is reckless driving. My bad.