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Thursday, March 24, 2011

AMA names 15 top motorcycling roads in America

The AMA published what its members voted as the 15 top motorcycling roads in America last week. No one knows the best roads like an AMA member, right? AMA CEO Rob Dingman thinks so anyway.

"When it comes to the best places in the world to hold up traffic on antiquated motorcycles, our members are the most knowledgeable and most qualified people for the job. No one can weeble wobble at 10 MPH like our members," Dingman said.

"By publishing our favorite roads in American Motorcyclist Magazine, our members will seek out these roads and bring noise pollution and congestion to local communities who were just fine without them.

"In turn, AMA members will arrive at those destinations with an entitlement attitude and generally behave like assholes dressed as gay pirates. The AMA feels it is our duty to infest as many of the communities surrounding these roads as possible," Dingman said in his press release.

And infest they shall.

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thetable said...

Hey I'm an AMA member... Wait, what? Fortunately the one you're most concerned about is number three, and most slayers can't count that high.