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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rockslides in North Carolina threaten to block Slayers' route to the famed "Dragon"

Slayer Hater learned Friday that the feared and reviled biker gang Sons of Attorneys have filed a lawsuit against the State of North Carolina and possibly against the Heavenly Father himself.

The suit alleges that state DOT crews have left the route that Slayers use fairly often to go to the "Dragon" blocked by debris from rockslides blocking their route. The Sons of Attorneys' gang leader said, "Our daddies didn't buy us $35,000 motorcycles to put us in danger. Those ditches need to be clear for when we have to lay 'er down to avoid crashing. In fact, all hazards to motorcyclists should be removed. Things like hard pavement, guardrails, rocks and trees...stuff like that. We ride to look good and our ElectraGlideSupremeAmeriCANBitchinCamaro Edition Harley looks best in the ditch."

The roadways remain clear. Non-slayers need not worry.

Slayer Lane Ends Sign:

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