Slayer Hater

Friday, June 29, 2012

These damn crash rackets are out of control!

We all know how dangerous those crash rackets are. They're the only ones that crash, you know.

This Ricky Racer is dirt tracking his 800 pound crash racket in the opposing lane with no regard for the safety of other road users. Someone needs to tell this crash racket pilot that Deals Gap isn't his personal racetrack.


Unknown said...

That would be a cruiser, not a crotch rocket...

Slayer Hater said...

Impressive. Your grasp of the concepts of satire and irony are amazing.

Wonder how your sarcasm skills are.

Slayer Hater said...

Dearest Ben,

We would like to correct our mistake and apologize for our snarky reply with regard to your comment.

It turns out we were wrong and the correct term is "crash racket."

Slayer Hater Staff