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Sunday, July 8, 2012

More speed demons out of control on the Dragon!

It's getting so you can't even ride at the Dragon because of all the Ricky Racer crash racketeers! Something must be done! These three riders were clearly speeding and behaving as though this public highway was their personal racetrack! They completely lost control of their Harley crash rackets and plowed into each other. It's this kind of disregard for other road users that make the rest of us look bad. has prepared this handy flashcard for law enforcement officers. It provides a visual guide for identification of law breakers. This will allow LEOs to effectively put a stop to the wanton acts of these Ricky Racers without necessitating the use of profiling of innocent riders. This card is meant to serve as a general guideline only. There are many types of crash rackets out there and there is no way to fit them all onto a card.

Editor's note: please replace the term "crotch rocket" in this image with "crash racket."

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